Letter Concerning State of Dress in Airmen's Mess
Gan Island Post 13th May 1972

Dear Sir,
May we, through your column, appeal for a return to sanity with regard to the mode of dress (or undress),
currently on show in the Airmen's' Mess?
Nobody wants the Zobbit-zone formality of shirt and tie but at least it would cover up the bulging guts, skin
disorders, sunburn scars, and sweaty grime that we are forced to contemplate whist trying to masticate our
daily bread.
A recent survey, during the peak rush hour, showed at least four airmen with no footwear whatsoever,
whilst sixteen others wore swimming trunks, (some appeared to be wet), beneath their torn T-vests or
shirts. Most of the self-styled 'hard Men' vie with each other to see who will be "hobo of the week" and
consequently come dressed in any old rag vest and grotty shorts. Few things can be more off-putting, whilst
chewing ones' rissole than to glance up end see a veined testicle bulging from the side of a pair of torn briefs.
The British are not renowned for their personal hygiene and one gets used to the black finger-nails and smoke
but the continuous disregard of some on this island for their fellow men is being carried to a stage where
repercussions must occur if we are going to retain any sense of decorum and decency within our community.
Most people suffer the banging doors, shouting, blasting radios, and other thoughtless acts carried out by the
'characters' (god bless the mark), but ignorance will only be tolerated to a certain degree and the time has come
for action before this permissiveness engulfs all that we hold sacred,
So, to whom do we allocate the responsibility of stopping the rot? Not to the Commanding Officer or to the
Orderly Officer, or even to the Catering Staff. The solution to the problem, gentle readers, is in our hands
and if we are so lacking in morale fibre that we shrug our shoulders and mentally detour the onus onto the
head of the next man, then we have lost the day and the 'tatty ones' will emerge, albeit smelling stronger
and shouting louder, but victorious!
Yours hopefully
Pinky & Perky
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