The Postal Service, AN APPRECIATION
Gan Island Post 26th May 1972

On this island of GAN the MOST IMPORTANT item is MAIL. This is the highest morale booster of all, and the
frequency of collection and delivery determines the attitude of all- for a better word, the inmates. Therefore an account
of the massive task that is tackled by one of the most smallest and responsible sections is not amiss.
Since the quantity of mail is dependant on the number of aircraft, ship movements, and complement of Gan, just a few
figures will suffice for enlightenment with the size of that task.
During March 1972 we had 120 aircraft landings and 10 ships calling. These brought in 12,360lbs of mail and
outgoing mail amounted to 4,734 lbs. A representative of the Postal Services must meet each of these movements.
Mail requiring the strictest security must be escorted at all times, until it reaches the addressee. Due to the difference in
time here, more then half of these movements are within the night hours.
When finally the incoming mail is safe in the Post Office - it requires sorting out - no mean task this, and then we hear
the familiar and welcome "Mai1 Call" over the PA system.
Collection of outgoing mail, at times to meet the diverse flights, is just as colossal. Once again requiring sorting out into
Countries, and within the UK, into postal areas. Each batch being separately bound, labelled, and with a franked
certificate signed to indicate date of collection.
Add to all previous we have NAAFI stores, Royal Navy and Merchant Ships mail, Pakistani, Ceylonese and Maldivian
post. (Male post takes 23 days - so you are lucky)
Between and during the collection and delivery of mail there are still the Counter Sales; Figures for an average month being:
Stamps £300, Premium Bonds £20, Postal Orders £3,000 total sales £4, 210.
Needless to mention, (except in appreciation) that the foregoing tasks all necessitate accounting. The receipt and
dispatch, the issue and payments of counter sales, the addition of numerous colours in ledgers, all these accountable
to the Postal Services, even delays in mail are recorded.
Now on this island we have only two personnel established for Postal Service. They are both Royal Engineers (A.P.S.)
One a Staff Sergeant, the other a Corporal- these two men alone give us the service. The most important
service - mail for Gan.
A sincere THANK YOU is due to both of them.
Note to Agitators: All mail to UK does not go to the BFPO as rumoured on this station, it actually goes to Inland
Section Mount Pleasant
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